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    DG43GT won't boot with linksys wmp600n installed

      I recently built a system using the dg43gt board. I installed an Asus video card and all went well. The after using the computer for a week decided to install a wireless card in the second slot. When I try to boot I get fans spinning but only a black screen. I disabled lan as Intel had suggested. Nothing happened. Do I have a bad slot on my board? How can I get the card installed with the system working?

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          In order to determine if you have a bad slot you need to test a different device on the the PCI slot, if the desktop board does not recognize the other device it might be a problem with the PCI slot on the desktop board.


          Try to test the wireless card without the video card connected, this is to avoid any IRQ conflicts


          Also you can test the wireless card on a different system


          Make sure that you have the latest BIOS for your desktop board