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    Not all hard disk LEDs work

      I have an Intel SR2500 server platform, the RAID controller is SRCSATAWB. The server has the hotswap drive bays installed with 6 drives, including the 6th drive kit.


      The RAID controller is configured with 6 hard disks, of which 1 hard is presented to the OS as-is, and the other 5 are configured in an RAID5 array.


      I'm just wondering why it is that, after creating the RAID 5 array, during the background init the LEDs of only 3 of the 5 disks in the RAID5 array are solid green? The RAID controller shows the status of all 6 drives as being healthy and happy.


      Also, if I copy the contents of a CD, 600 MB, to that RAID5 drive, it's the same thing, still only 3 of the 5 drives' LEDs light solid green during the copy.


      Can anyone explain this behavior, as on my other servers the LEDs of all the drives that are configured in a RAID5 array are solid green during background init.

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          Hi Mike, saw your question and would like to get a bit more information. Can you tell me what the current BIOS version is and which Version of Raid driver you used. Since you commented on the fact that the drives test correctly I have to ask if you checked the LED connection of the ones that don't light up.