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    i7 930 random bluescreens


      Hey guys,
      I'm starting to go a bit crazy here. I seem to be getting random  bluescreens on my new machine, I have tried everything I can think of to  try and fix it, but i don't know whats up. Ran memtest+ for 12 hours,  no errors. Ran StressCPU 2.0 for 8 hours, no crashing. Seems to be  random in Windows, but typically notice it most in games. My specs are:

      Rampage II gene
      Core i7 930 @ clock speed
      Sapphire 2 GB 5780 video
      3xU2410 Eyefinity
      2x Intex x25 80 GB SSD in RAID0
      6 GB GSKill DDR-2000 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16820231306
      Coolermaster Hyper212+ CPU heatsink

      The report generated by windows is the following.




      I don't think its heat or voltage, as memtest and the stress test worked  fine. So far, its crashed in Warcraft III,  Grid, TF2, Left for Dead,  Windows, and Burnourt. I am attaching the minidump files so if anyone is  good at looking at those, I would appreciate it. Any tips, or places to  ask this question again, would be appreciate. Thanks so much! This is really starting to drive me crazy, so please let me know what you think.


      Link for Minidumps

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          In order to discard the processor as the issue, I would recommend testing this processor in another motherboard. If you do not have a spare motherboard, you can test it on a friend's motherboard or by taking the processor to a local computer store for them to test it for you.

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            Thanks for the tip. The problem is, its a 1366 processor, and no one around here seems to have those kinds of boards. Most have my friend's have 1156, and I even stopped by a few local computer stores, they told me they would have to send it off to a service center since they didn't have any 1366 boards to test it with. Any recommendations, or places to go in the Phoenix area? I know Intel has fab center in Chandler, AZ, I don't assume they could help test it there? Thanks.



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              Unfortunately the only way to determine if the processor is the one causing the issue is be testing it on a 2nd motherboard, or testing another processor on your system.

              Currenlty we do not have any tool to test the processor.