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    Nonzero post code DP55KG using various Linuxes




      I'm trying to troubleshoot some problems that I have been having with the DP55KG motherboard when running Unix-like operating systems running a Core i7 860.  All of a sudden when trying to compile this program ATLAS I was getting random reboots right in the middle of compilation....every time.  I boosted my power to 750W to see if that could be an issue...it got further, but still would consistently reboot right in the middle.  I bought a better heatsink...did not improve the situation. I changed out the processor...no luck, finally I changed boards (DP55WG) and there is still the same problem when using Linux.


      I did notice that the LED post code reads FF which according the literature might indicate a processor fault.  Initially I installed Fedora 13, so I went down to Fedora 12, but this did not fix the random reboots.  Went to Ubuntu....would not even install...rebooted when creating the volumes....went to OpenSUSE....same problem as Ubuntu.  In fact the POST codes were still non-zero.


      My latest attempt is using FreeBSD.  In this experiment I get POST of 00 which is good, but it only occasionally reboots.


      Could this have anything to do with the OS or am I barking up the wrong tree?  It just boggles the mind that all this hardware could be bad and it is likely my fault.  I know that Linux is not officially supported on this board, but that does not seem to be a reason for all of these random reboots.