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    Intel GMA HD - Lack of Adequate OpenGL Support


      Okay, so far, I have to say I've been pleasantly surprised by the performance capabilities of the Intel GMA HD on a Core i5-430M - that is, when it comes to DirectX. But as for OpenGL/GLSL, support is partial at best. Yes, it does support it, that's a definite plus over other integrated GPUs I've seen before, but I still use OpenGL applications quite a bit, and the lack of support is a bit annoying.

      I do a lot of 3D work, with the open source Blender 3D and the not-so-open source Lightwave. Both use OpenGL in the 3D display, and some things are missing. For example, with Lightwave, I select a face of an object, the face should be outlined in yellow immediately after I click. But it does not act so; I have to manually update the display by rotating around the object. Sure I can work around it, but it's annoying and time consuming.

      In Blender (although the issue has been around on past versions of the software with other GPUs [i.e. GeForce 6800 & 7150M using v. 2.48a]), I cannot correctly view objects in edit mode with the occlusion view type activated. Everything turns red, which makes it very difficult to select faces/vertices/edges. This has been fixed in the second alpha of the 2.5 version (error currently in 2.49b).


      Are there any plans for improved OpenGL support on integrated graphics, or a solution already out there? So far, I'm not pleased on this side of things, but as I have stated, the DirectX performance is much better than previous integrated solutions.