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    DQ43AP Red LED


      I have bought a intel DQ43AP mobo. Once installed in the case and fully hooked up, I tunr on the power Supply switch on the rear of the case. Both the Green Stand by and a Red LED come on. The Machine starts to boot then re-boots. The LED is labeled AMT LED however, I can't seem to make it go away and get the board to boot.... Any ideas anyone? I have switched out the RAM for the same kind of known working RAM, and the CPU for the same kind know working Processor. Thanks

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          It is not an error to see this LED lit up; it just means that the Intel(R) Management Engine (ME) is operating. That said, it is important for there to be a supported DIMM plugged into the Channel A DIMM 0 slot for the ME to work properly...

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            I have tried 2 different DIMM sets. Kingston DDR2 800 sets of 2 matched 2GB chips. Any idea why they will not work, since the board supports up to 8GB of DDR2.