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    Matrix Storage Console - Numerous Storage Device Connected messages



      I have been having numerous popups appear stating that a storage device was connected.  These have just started occuring in the past week.  Below are my (hopefully relevant) specifications:


      Asus P5B-Plus (P965 Express and ICH8R)

      Intel E4300

      4 Hard Drives Total

      2 WD 750G in Raid 0

      1 WD 160G

      1 WD 320G

      Intel Matrix Storage Console v7.8.0.1013

      Windows XP


      I have been running this same setup for the past 2 years with no problems.  It is only in the past week that I have been having these messages.  They are just pop-ups stating that a storage device has been connected.  I have never noticed a drive missing when I have been using the computer.


      When I check event viewer I see multiple entries for IAANTmon.  These entries indicate that hard drives are removed and connected.  There does not seem to be any pattern and it applies to all of the hard drives.  For instance, at 3:37:08 all four hard drives were removed (4 separate entries).    At 3:37:38 all of my hard drives were added.  At 3:51:48 another of my hard drives was added even though it was never removed prior to the last re-adding.


      Hope this makes sense.  Please let me know if there is any help you can offer.


      Thanks in advance,