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    Mobile Intel 945 Express Chipset - issue with Windows 7 and Sony HDTV


      I have an Intel 945 Express Chipset on an Intel Mac Mini where I have Windows 7 installed. I am unable to see the display on a Sony 1080p HDTV with the latest driver ( updated 9/11/2009).


      When I log in to Mac OS X, I see the picture just fine. When I boot into Windows 7, I see the "starting windows" screen and presumably as soon as the windows logon screen appears, the display goes blank.


      If I RDP into the computer I can see the prompt, and if I connect the computer directly to the TV, I can see the display just fine.


      I talked with Denon and they claim that intel should provide updated driver to make it remember the EDID information. Any idea what I can do to make this thing work?