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    DX58SO videocard switching between x16 and x4



      I just upgrade to a DX58SO mainboard with an i7-920, Nvidia GTX470, 6gb kingston hyperX and x25-m 80gb.

      If the gtx470 runs at pciE x16 after 10min the system freeze and after the reboot it runs stable at pciE x4.

      If I plug-out and plug-in the videocard, the speed is x16 again until the freeze (I think this is the time it switches to x4).

      I tested this in both pciEx16 ports.

      It looks like there is a problem to get a permanent x16 speed.

      I tried the aux pwr connectors, but no difference.

      The bios shows me regardless of x4 or x16 "Speed: 2.5GT/s "  Does that mean both speeds are equal in speed?


      Is this a known problem?

      Is this a mainboard or videocard failure?

      How can I fix it?


      Thanks in advance!