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    DH55HC installation issues...


      Recently I started to build my first computer. Here is what my build consists of:


      - Diablotek DA Series 400 Watt power supply

      - Intel DH55HC motherboard

      - Intel i3-530 2.93GHz processor

      - 4GB Crucial DDR3 1333MHz 10600 RAM

      - 250GB Seagate Barracuda hard drive

      - Cooler Master 310 computer case


      After putting the entire build together the computer would not turn on. The rear fan does not spin and no lights turn on the front panel. The green light on the motherboard does turn on so there is power going to the motherboard. I've replaced the power supply unit with another power supply unit but the computer still doesn't turn on. I've tried removing one stick of RAM to see if there was an issue with the RAM but, again, the computer wouldn't turn on. I've checked the connections over and over and over and over again but I still can't seem to figure out why the computer is not turning on. Can someone please help me.

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          Can anyone here help me with this issue?

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            You should always bench test a MB/Memory/CPU setup before installing in the case. Sometimes the motherboard offsets will touch ( or short out ) circuit pads on the back of the motherboard. The power indicator will illuminate but the unit will not power on.


            You can carefully place the fully loaded motherboard on the anti-static bag and attach the two PS cables. With a Phillips head screwdriver you can touch

            the two power on staking pins on the motherboard ( Usually Red  ). The unit should power on and on some Intel MB/CPU setups you'll hear a single beep

            Do not attempt to power on the PC without the CPU heatsink/fan or Liquid cooler inplace and connected to power.


            If the unit powers on, re-install the MB in case and apply and tighten a single screw. Then retest if the unit powers on. If so move to the next screw and repeat....

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              Well I figured out why I was having this issue. It turns out that I did not apply any thermal compound on the processor and heatsink which caused the processor to overheat and shutdown the computer. Thanks for the help though.

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                I believe i have the same issue. But the i5 650 came with the fan, but i don't see any thermal compound.

                I do have to take the CPU fan and reinstall once.


                appreciate your help    

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                  BTW here is the built details

                  - Coolmax V600 600 Watt power supply

                  - Intel DH55HC motherboard

                  - Intel i5-650 2.93GHz processor

                  - 4GB Crucial DDR3 1333MHz 10600 RAM

                  - 80GB Seagate Barracuda hard drive

                  - GMC Bulldosar case


                  How do i test if the battery CR2032 is good on the mother board? Or does it matter??

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                    Appreciate any help! i ran out of options.

                    How to test if there is a problem with the board?



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                      Hi if it is the boxed Intel fan tehn you wont need to apply thermal paste it will already have three strips on it.

                      Can you describe exactly what happens when you turn the system on?Can you get into BIOS? do teh fans spin up? or start and stop?

                      Also what happens when you turn the system on without memory?

                      Also what is the AA number of your motherboard?