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    No video display on S5520SC


      Hi everyone


      Firstly I apologise if this question has been raised before. But I have not been able to find a solution in the forums.


      I am running an Intel S5520SC board with E5520 chips and 8 2gb Transcend 1333 mhz sticks, in  the SC5600 BASE case. I know non-ECC ram is not recommended, but hold on...

      The system had been running as a solid engineering workstation for about 4 months. No problems. No issues.

      Then one day (about a month ago) upon power-up there was no video output. I suspected the board and checked RAM connections, video card connections, power etc and nothing had changed.


      There were 3 beeps during POST, like usual. One for system OK, and one each for mouse and keyboard. After multiple boot failures the screen eventually turned on during POST and 'booted' windows. I decided to check the windows event log and found that windows had booted perfectly EVERY time... so not a boot error after all? After eventually correctly booting that day, it has not faltered once until today - and now that its catatonic I'm stumped for ideas.


      Please help!


      Best regards

      Tom Stevenson