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    DH57DD BIOS 0537 very slow disk performance


      DH57DD with an i3-530 CPU with original BIOS worked speedy and with low power consumption, idle about 25 Watts.Disk throughput as expected form Intel SSDs between 50 and almost 300 MB/s in a 2 drive stripe set.


      Upgraded BIOS to 0537, then booting was very slow (several minutes) and disk throughput is only about 6-12 MB/s.Power consumption about 42 Watt idle.


      Downgrading BIOS with the Windows method failed in the Intel Management part.


      Downgrading BIOS with the jumper method and a USB stick succeeded, but I also hat to clear the BIOS settings (set optimized settings) with the other jumper position as well.


      Now with the older 0396 BIOS the board works fine.


      This cost me hours of work and a unneeded board exchange with the retailer.

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          I had experienced a similar behaviour upgrading both a DH57JG and a DH57DD. I had slow boot performance and various Video hardware error;s (i couple the boards with a i5-650 CPU). My solution was to reflash both of them with the same bios on top (0537) using the Recovery option.

          Now both systems run as smoth as butter.

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            hi there,

            i have similiar problems with the dh57jg mainboards. system worked fine until update to that revision.

            2x 2gb kingston ddr1333 and a i5-650 are installed. until bios update everything went fine. there are also NO heat problems (lian li case with 580W ps)

            but now i do not get any video signal out of the quadro fx580

            if i unplug the pcie card and use the onbard dvi - everything works fine. i just reflashed the 0537 but no video signal with

            the quadro fx580. the quadro - on the other hand - works fine on another intel desktop board (matx).


            so my questions now are: - is it possible that this pcie card doesnt work with the new revision of the bios?

            - is it possible to force a downgrade to an elder revision?


            help is appreciated


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              Same problem here..

              Intel DH57DD / i3 530 / Kingstom valueram 1333..


              Get this bios of the side please or make it good!!

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                Hi there,

                Did the BIOS downgrade change anything regarding power consumption?

                I have the same issue, dont know about disk performance, but 40+ Watt idle with just the system disc.

                I already tried BIOS 0396, but there was no really noticable change.