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    Intel HD Graphics problems


      Hi. Please could you help me ? My environment is HTPC win 7 64bit CPU: Intel i5 660 - Motherboard Gigabyte H57-USB3 updated with latest drivers. When running a game on some scenes the computer turn off. I reduced the graphic resolution 800x600 and the number of turn off has been reduced but still turn off. this game accept graphics card ATI series 2000 and above. It seems strange that this card (latest) is not able to run the game and is not acceptable that I have to buy another video card. Could you solve this problem ? Regards

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          Sounds like overheating issue. Make sure your computer is receiving good airflow and the air that is coming in is not too hot (i.e. run an air conditioner in your computer room).

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            Hi Masoa

            Thanks for your answer but this happens only with the game. I left turn on the computer all day and it worked well without interruption. Not only I reduced the resolution 800x600 and for now works. The case is a Lian-Li and it has good airflow. Out of curiosity: is there a tool that display the cpu temperature ? Regards Alessandro