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    Only a flashing blue light with SS4200EHW



      I'm just starting to install a new server SS4200EHW, with only one disk (first install) . I've Only a flashing blue light.I'd like to restore factory bios with reset button.Now I can-t see anything with serial ports and putty. Is-it possible who do you have to send me another flash memory circuit ?

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          You'll need a PCI-e x1 riser or extender and and add-in PCI-e video card to enable video for installation. See http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/server/ss4200ehw/sb/CS-028981.htm for details.

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            Hello, As I was autodidact at fourthen years old,I still  have original solutions. I used a riser converter from 1x pci-E to 32bit 33Mhz standard PCI. My standard PCI video card was working at perfection, without specific drivers. Reading bios display with Pytty through RS232 at 115200bauds was also working.

            For update the bios, when I was booting on WIN98 without gui, a couple of seconds later the SS4200 was saiding "divide by zero error". For flashing the bios before "devide by zero error" I wrote the right instruction in autoexec.bar. It was a goog idea and "all was for best in Brave New World" (from Candide book of the french writer Voltaire). After flashing ,for the first time I could used 2Go of RAM with my new E2220 cpu, and not only 512Ko. The problem come when,  during reconnecting power cord, the server started alone. I tryed to stop it before a 2nd flashing, but it was too early or too late. The server never started again. Where cant I ask to Intel a new bios memory circuit or return the server ? I'd like to build my own enteprise,I'm working alone.

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              I'm pretty sure Intel won't just provide a new BIOS circuit, and I'm afraid you might even invalidate the warranty by messing around too much with non-standard hardware.

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                Hello Dan_o,Maybe your right in your conclusion, but you don't give a good idea to intel.When you say "too much with non-standard hardware" , I don't understand Look at www.wegostserved.com. . The stock (original) memory is a sumsung one. My 2go memory too. Everybody upgrade SS4200E/EHW to 2Go. The stock (original) cpu is an intel 65nm processor, The E2220 too. Everybody upgrade teh celeron procesor of SS4200E/EHW. My riser is less standard, but it is not bigger then a standard riser and it's using only one integrated circuit for bridging. One function, one circuit, it's as simple as possible and dont't need any driver.

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                  A flashing blue Power/Status Push-button indicates there is no operating system for the system to boot to. It sounds like you have the hardware only SKU, the SS4200-EHW.


                  The reset button provides two functions, reset and recovery. This is only for the EMC software SKU, the SS4200-E, not the hardware only SKU, the SS4200-EHW. The reset and recovery processes are as follows:
                  Boot system. When fully booted, press and hold rear panel reset button until power LED begins to blink. System will reset the configuration and reboot. This performs configuration reset of the system. It resets the administrator password, device name, restores to DHCP mode (IP configuration reset).

                  Remove any and all externally attached devices (USB) and reboot system. As system reboots, *immediately* press and hold rear panel reset button when the front panel LEDs begin to blink. Hold until LEDs turn off (~5 seconds). Recovery restores runtime images from most recent backup set.


                  Regarding your everybody is doing this comments, doing what you indicate could very well invalidate your warranty. Intel does not authorize replacing the processor or upgrading the memory. The list of system items that Intel approves of replacing can be found here:
                  Essentially the power supply and fans.