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    Server board S5000VCL RAID - migration




      i've got two of the same servers containing Serverboard S5000VCL with embedded RAID controller. The servers are configured the same way, except of hard drives. Currently Server #1 has software raid and 2x150 GB drives. I've bought new 300 GB drives and since i need to move everything anyway i wanted to make a hardware RAID - RAID1.


      Server #1 is at the datacenter, i cannot have it offline for longer than a few minutes, so i was thinking of creating the system on Server #2, which is at my place (not being used atm). Now here's the question:


      I've created RAID 1 on Server #2, which has hardware RAID enabled, and installed the system on it. How do i set up RAID at Server #1, when i go to the datacenter, so i can just swap the drives with those 150gb's and having the system already set up on the 300gb's. Will this just work? Do i "initialize" it, or something on Server #1 ? If i make new RAID1 i guess it will delete something and it wont work?


      Thanks for ur help!

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          I don't think there's any way to migrate from software RAID to hardware RAID, since they write different data to the drives.


          Your best bet would be to (after backing up the data, of course) not configure anything on the new server, just insert the drives in the same order.  If you're lucky, the RAID will recognize a foreign configuration, and ask if you want to import it.