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    E5520 going to 87C at startup, bad proc, motherboard, heatsink?


      I have 2 new E5520s installed into a  ASUS Z8PE-D12 motherboard.   Have intel's STS100A active heat sink.   On startup (sometimes within a 5 seconds) the heatsink fans go to max RPM.  Within a few secs, looking at the BIOS config hardware monitor, indicates that the CPU temps are ~87C.   The motherboard shuts down within seconds to protect the CPU.


      Is it possible for idle E5520s to get to 87C within 5-10 seconds from an ambient temperature of 28C?    Assuming the worst that the heat sink is not installed properly, do idle E5520s produce enough heat to get to the 87C range within seconds?


      I'm wondering whether:


      a. have bad processors / interior heat sensors

      b. bad motherboard / bios

      c. ineffective heat sinks or installation


      I suspect b. is the most likely, but would like to understand what to expect in terms of heat generation on an idle E5520 cpu.   Does it really put out enough heat such that if the surface of the heat sink is not fully flush could go to critical temperature within seconds?


      Any recommended heat sinks?   The STS100A is very basic and not even copper.