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    Voltage regulators temperature on DH57DD


      Hello together, on my newly built system the Intel Desktop Utilities gave me quite often warnings, that the temperature of the voltage regulators had a temperature above 60° Celsius. I tried several cpu coolers with different fans, but the pwm-fans always rotated too slow to cool down the VR - even when using a top-blow-cooler. Right now I'm using a Noctua NH-C12P SE14 which does the job, but it doesn't have a pwm- fan and the fan isn't as quiet as I would like it to be. The Scythe-coolers I used before were almost inaudible, but then the VR's temperature went up to 65° C or even more. Does anybody have an idea for a cooler that is both silent and able to cool the VRs (and has a pwm-fan). Any other solution for this problem would be appreciated, too. Best regards, madelgijs

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          If you try going to the download site of IDU and read the readme.txt file you will find the note that IDU applies only to Intel's boxed fan. So the warnings could be a false one since you are using a different cpu fan. Try using a generic program like CORETEMP or HWMonitor to monitor the cpu temperature.

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            I have the same board and the BIOS also reports fairly hot VR temperatures.  I've seen it from 54C to 60C.


            My finger and my IR thermometer can find nothing hot in the VR area, or anywhere else.  I don't know where the sensor is located.  Maybe there is a hot spot hiding under the heatsink.


            Everest Ultimate does a lousy job of reporting sensor readings for this new motherboard.  Hopefully they will soon fix it.  They do seem to get most of the temperatures right though.  It doesn't show anything called VR but it does show what they call "Aux temperature".  That is reported to be 23C which is the temperature of the ambient air.

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              Have you updated the Intel ME (management engine) to the latest version?

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                I have one of this boards in my main HTPC and i can confirm that i get the same warning regarding Voltage regulators Temparature. I had to update the threshold from the Default 60 Degrees Celcius to 65 in order to avoid getting constant messages. The temperature is getting close to 61 Degrees.

                I had this problem from the start. Probably a faulse reading or something.... 

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                  Thanks for reminding me about the latest Management Engine.  Unfortunately it made no difference.

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                    I spoke too soon.   Apparently the Management Engine driver did not install.  I'm still using the old one (version  As a bonus, Device Manager now shows an unknown device, that is located on the LPC interface controller.


                    The MEI_ALLOS_6.1.0.1042_PV.exe  program seemed to run okay and didn't report errors.  .It said it installed the drivers.  I did reboot.


                    Now what do I do?  Has anyone else had this problem?  I have the DH57DD board.  I run Win7 32 bit.  I orignally installed the drivers from the CD that came with the board.  My computer is running okay, but it would be nice if I could install the latest driver, and get rid of the unknown device.



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                      Click Driver. Select uninstal. Reboot. Let windows re-instal the driver (whtever it is).


                      Hope this help.


                      Added: OR you might like to download Microsoft Fix It Center and run it to let it find some of your problems. I find the program very convenient to use.

                                  Have you run the Intel Driver Update Utility from Intel's website to update your drivers?


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                        The uninstall didn't work.  When I rebooted, the unknown device returned.


                        I fixed it by other means.  I found it's the CIR (consumer infrared) driver.  Most people wouldn't see it but I discovered the headers on the mobo and enabled the CIR in the BIOS. I downloaded Intel's CIR driver and that fixed it.


                        The CIR seems to be a good idea that went nowhere. Apparently the only place to buy the receiver is from someone on eBay.  But nobody sells the IR transmitter.  I think some Linux freaks are playing with it.  Maybe they have the plans to make the IR transmitter.

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                          Apparently Intel goofed when they made the Management Engine download.  It seems they put the old driver in the package.  So the installer worked, but it installed the old driver.  Now what?  Any way to notify Intel?installer.pngHECI_inf.png

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                            Like others, I think the VR temperature is bogus.  I believe the VR and Memory temp sensors are on the mobo and read mobo temperatures.  I flipped the board up and took a couple hundred readings with my IR thermometer.  The maximum temperature I found in the VR area was 86F (30C).  The temperature under the memory was around 73F (23C).   The hottest spot I found on the board was in the lower left corner.  104F (40 C).


                            My board is sitting on the kitchen table, on an anti-static pad.  There is only one fan and that sits atop the CPU heatsink.


                            Does anyone know how to notify Intel?