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    Whats different between AMT6.0 and AMT7?


      Dose anybody know?

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          The biggest difference is that Intel AMT 6 is available now and Intel AMT 7 will be available for our next platform launch. :-) You'll probably start hearing more about Intel AMT 7 towards the end of the year. Check out this blog post - Richard talks about all of the features that are new to Intel AMT 6: The specified item was not found..

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            Though I really want to know are the features different between 6.0 and 7.0.

            But thanks for your answer anyway^^~!

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              Version 7 will include all of the goodness of version 6, plus new features. :-) Stay tuned, more will be coming on that topic later this year!



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                Hi All, by the date July 2011, Lenovo has released some thinkpad with Intel AMT.


                At this date, today, 05/08/2011, I'm a faileure with the install of AMT 7.1 software over an Thinpad T420 m/T: 4236.MBS.


                The installer cannot install de MEI, and subsequent SOl and IPT has problems.


                The AMT 7.1 work fine in this machine using the original software ( provided by Lenovo and recovery disk). Windows 7 Prof. 64 bit.


                But I need to install my company WIndws 7 Prof 32 bit imagen, deployed via SCCM and using the Imagex MS technology.


                When I install windows by this way, I can't install the AMT 7.1 software. I check all pre-requisites, .net framework only, fine


                Lenovo support tell me that its misisng some pre-requesites, install first Chipset, second ethernet pro 100 and third AMT, MEI, SOL and IPT, in this order


                I try installin a clean Windows 7 Ent 64 bit trial, and afert try installin AMT 7.1 without problem, all work fine.


                I think that the failure its from some Microsoft update or software that make conflict with AMT 7.1 installer.


                Because the AMT 7.1 say that the name "Management engine Interface" its have been used as a service o name service"


                I have all the screen Snapshot and log files.


                I cant' find AMT 7.1 documentation or driver in Intel Web Site, only AMT 6 and 5 driver.


                I can send you the screen shot and log if you tell me your mail or smoething else.


                I need documentation of AMT 7.1 for resolve this issue.


                Thanks a lot.