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    DH55HC "2 beep" and "normal boot"?



      Recently aquired a DH55HC montherboard with i5 750 processor and 2x2Gb 1333Mhz Kingston ram(550W Power suply, ATI hd5770, 500Gb WD HDD).


      After putting all things together and starting up the computer for the first time i heared a beep then the Intel Splash screen then another beep then the PC boots up "normaly". These beeps reocure every startup.

      After reading throu board desktop beep codes i downloaded and sucessfully run memtest86 for 1,5 hours, and even run some stress test without errors.

      My questions.

      1. Is this normal sound or does this meen some memory error(1 and 2 beeps for this motherboard are memory erorrs, tryed with only one stick of memory, both of them same results)?

      2. If  its memory error is it RAM or might bee some other(motherboard, cpu ....) memory error? (At the moment i don't have spare parts to try)


      I searched forums, and other similar problems relate to 2 beeps and no boot up...


      Thank you.

      P.S. Excuse my english... not native.

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          the two beeps are normal.

          If you didn't get any video and the two beeps were one after another it would mean graphics

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            So you have this motherboard or seen one in action .... and you say this is normal? That makes me relieved


            Not realy used to beep sounds at start ...but things change time to get used to it

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              I assembled a new pc 2 days ago with the following parts:


              Intel MB DH55HC

              Intel core i5 650

              2x 2GB kingston 1333GHz

              500GB Seagate HDD

              Windows 7 Ultimate


              i didn't install any video card i use the built in VGA and it works normally and boots normally and everything is ok except for the 2 short beeps everytime i switch the pc on or restart the pc, one beep once i switch the pc on and the other one just before windows starts.


              so i am exactly having the same problem you are having.

              did you still have this issue the 2 short beeps? and will anything bad happens to the pc if those 2 beeps kept beeping?




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                Well i assambled my pc at the begining of june... run lots of tests on it(memory, stress....) and all seems fine.


                Had some ocasionaly problems(most of them where related to one or another program rather then hardware)


                So my 2 cents, 2 beeps is normal.

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                  I have the same set up as Aladdin except I got DH55PJ, I too got that same exact 2 beeps he described. I called the store who assembled it and they said it's normal for an intel motherboard. It's so annoying. I only get intel motherboard because they ran out of ASUS. I feel bad about it already.

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