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    P5Q PRO serie 5


      I have a troubleshooting with my Fantec MR-35DUS2 4TB hard drive, and my motherboard ASUS P5Q PRO (chipset Intel)


      My botherboard Asus P5Q PRO is currently using Intel Matrix Storage 8.9 drivers, but I have somes troubles (windows never launch if hard drive 4TB is switch on and connected on eSATA, tomtom go 940 freeze my computer).

      Yesterday, I decided to install new drivers : Intel Rapid Storage Technology


      Installation success, system reboot, no problems. I can switch on a Fantec MR-35DUS2  2 TB hard drive, or a Lacie 1 TB hard drive without any troubles...

      BUT, when I switch on the Fantec MR-35DUS2  4TB (on eSata 2), my system hang, and freeze, mouse move sometimes but system seems to run very slowly... Not possible to acces to my hard drive.


      I go back to my 8.9 drivers... no problemes but windows never launch if hard drive 4TB is switch on and connected on  eSATA, tomtom go 940 freeze my computer


      Any help will be appreciated ! I'm using Windows 7 64 bits, and my hard drive is connected on eSata 2 port.

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            Your trouble has nothing to do with Intel as the eSATA are not run by Intel chipset as with many motherboard makers your eSATA is on a Jmicron chip as listed by ASUS and the drivers for that are here.


            The P5Q PRO has on eSATA unless you are using the e SATA / 1394 bracket in which case make sure its on the Intel SATA ports as there is two Silicon Image SATA ports on that board.


            P5Q PRO Turbo is the one with eSATA without the need for a bracket and is run by Jmicron.

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              thanks you for your answer...


              I'm currently using a bracket which is connected to 2 SATA port of the Motherboard, and there is no JMicron Controller for this.

              In my device manager, there is a "Intel (R) ICH10R SATA AHCI  Controller".

              The software Intel Matrix Storage send a message about "Drive is connected" when I switch on my hard drive.


              Forthemore, freeze appeneds when I change the drivers for RST... and there is no freeze when I restored to Intel Matrix Storage 8.9 drivers.


              Do you thinks that it's not possible to connect a eSata Bracket on two classic SATA port ?

              I read something about a trouble with voltage or something like that, or another trouble about the size of the cable but I don't know if it will be the problem... and it's not learn why it's "works" with 8.9 but it's not works with the 9.6 drivers.

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                Yes I posted if you was using a bracket and that there is no Jmicron but there is two Silicon Image SATA ports at the bottom of the board.


                Try the bracket on the Silicon Image SATA ports the Intel RAID may simply not like other external RAID devices to it.

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                  First of all, THANK YOU FOR YOUR REPLY ! I had forgot there is another controller on the motherboard


                  This is a way to fix my problem about "windows not start when my 4To is plugged before windows was started".

                  Bytheway, the sillicon controller is not manage the hot plug... so I need to restart my computer to switch on/off the hard drive before the initialisation of the controller.


                  I thinks there is an issue with hard drive more than 2 To with Intel drivers on Windows 7 64 bits :

                    - disk manager show 2 To drive and a parition of 4 To that make no sense !

                    - RST freeze when I switch on my Fantec 4 To whereas the Fantec 2 To works wonderfull with RST

                    - Snow Leopard reconnized a drive of 4 To and 4 to for the partition

                    - Intel Matrix Storage 8.9 works with Fantec 4 To (but windows not starting when this drive is switch on before Windows starts)


                  All of this point seems to show me that there is a trouble with this new drivers.


                  Is any one has the same probleme that mine ?