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    Raid 0 showing as half it's volume


      I have an Asus P6T motherboard with onboard Raid chip ICH8R and I created a raid -0 with both my SSD 25M 80 Hardddrives for a total volume of 160GB. Then I started to notice that on boot up, one of the drives during the boot sequence screen for onboard Raid configuration would show up as not function...but would still boot up into Windows7 without any problem.


      So I installed the latest Intel Rapid Storage and checked both disks and there was nothing wrong with either volume.

      This is where I think I buggered up the drivers:


      I setup both drives as single arrays using the Intel Storage so I can test each drive. Both passed. I then recreated the Raid 0 with the Intel Storage software but now it shows up as Raid 0 only on half it's volume size. So to be clear, I have a Raid 0 with a single drive? and the other is accessible with a different letter to it's volume...fully accessible. The bios sequence shows Raid 0 as being 160G so I'm not sure why they are showing up a two single drives....but still considered as Raid 0.


      How can I get back the total of 160 Raid - 0 again? I don't have a clue on what happened.


      I hope I explained this properly.