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    Question about DH55TC & eSata channels


      On my DH55TC I route the two red SATA taps to the back plane with SATA-to-eSATA brackets. Regardless of how the SATA controllers are configured I cannot get BIOS to deteact an external drive when it is attached. I've read the manual and tried the Drive & it's cable on another Intel MB system which detects the drive properly. Is there some setting or other specific action you have to take for a eSata peripheral to be detected/used ? At this point I'm about

      ready to replace the brackets but assume they are standardized. Nothing else I've tried makes any difference.

      Also why does the controller mode (AHCI/Legacy/Native) cause Windows 7 to load different host controller drivers ? In AHCI mode the controller shows as a single 6-channel host while in Legacy/Native there are two separate controller devices.

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          I have installed a similar setup(dh55tc-i3 530) and it seems to work well with a recent build. The box is at school w/ kid and cant check the controller mode setting but am pretty sure i didnt make any changes there.. have you updated the bios to the most recent? 0036 is the latest--think i put 0035 on last--i was going with pci express if the red sata setup on the board didnt work as kids say the esata moves data faster than usb2. prolly didnt help u much but good luck....

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            Resolved - Sort of. The clue was the actual controller ID in Device Manager. Once I set the operational mode of the SATA channels to AHCI, the following boot replaced the 4-port host controller with a 6-Channel one.

            The second part of my issue is the non-locking nature of SATA/eSATA cables. Since most external drive housings sit vertically the eSATA cable tends to pull itself loose. I finally inserted the cable tightly enough that it doesn' t pull away.A piece of "Gorilla Tape" now ensures the cable won't work itself loose again.

            BUT every action on a PC has unanticipated results. Now with the SATA controller operating in AHCI mode, CD Burner XP pro no longer detects the presence of my SATA Optical drive.


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              Solution to CD Burner XP Pro issues was to install Intel Rapid Storage Driver Ver 9.60.1014. While not offered as part of the DH55TC drivers I downloaded from anoter Intel Series 5 product (DG45ID and it resolved my issue.

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                I have worried about the non-lock cables as well. dvd burner and original hdd have locking clips and the esata came with reg cable so will have to watch or just replace soon.  and yes the string of lights goes on and on............