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    Need Instructions to Set Up for HDMI From  DH55TC Motherboard


      I would like to output my computer graphics to a HDTV using the HDMI.  It would be nice to use both the standard computer monitor and the TV at the same time, but right now I would settle for just the HDTV.  I cannot get the video signal to the HDTV even if I disconnect the standard computer monitor cable and boot up the computer using only the HDMI connections.


      I saw other discussion on this board, but do not understand computer lingo at times. Just need instructions in plain English, and an explanation of what can be done and what can't.


      I saw an intel Datashhet on this motherboard, and on page 4, under "VIDEO" it says "DVA + DVI-D + HDMI. It supports dual  independent display for Intel Core Processors with Intel HD Graphics"


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