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    System Instability - q9300


      Heres my specs


      Asus p5n-d

      Intel q9300 2.5ghz

      2x 2gb Kingston pc6400


      Nvidia gtx260


      I had this desktop for about a year and it ran fine untill i got a random BSOD that read something along the lines of "component failure please contact your hardware provider". there was no hexidecimal error code or other hints to the problem so i restarted only to have windows freeze on startup. I restarted again and got no video at all. I thought the graphics had failed maybe so I tried an identical card and still nothing. Next I thought the motherboard had gone so I took out the RAM and powered up the machine and got no beepcodes but the green LED was still on indicating the motherboard did infact have power. I replaced the motherboard and hooray I was able to about nothing as the system would freeze randomly either entering bios or having been running for 45minutes. I attempted to reformat only to be sticken by the freezing, I tried another harddrive and i was able to get the os installed only to have the same timeframe as before before the cursor would freeze and nothing could be done other then a forced restart. I thought maby it could be the RAM and after trying each stick individualy i tried new RAM all together only to have the same problem. Lastly I barrowed an OLD pentium 4 from a friend and here I am 2 weeks later with no freezing. I figured the old q9300 had gone bad or something because at this point i have no idea. I tried a brand new q9300 only to be back where I was so dissapointedly im back on the pentium 4 trying to get some help because im at a loss now. I havent done any overclocking.