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    DX58SO Video Problem


      I purchased the DX58SO motherboard in August, 2009.  I used an nVidia 7900GT video card with an HDCP to VGA converter because I have the old style monitor connection.  Everything worked find up until now.  I have another 7900GT and I decided to install it as well, thus having two video cards in the same machine configured as SLI with the connecting strap.


      As soon as the new nVidia 7900GT video card was installed, the computer started and then stopped after a few minutes.  After this happened a number of times, I looked at the Event Viewer in the bios and could see that the computer had stopped because of a "thermal event".  There was no hot smell.


      I contacted Intel support and they told me to upgrade the bios.  I looked on the Intel website and I could see that the bios had undergone 4 revisions since August, 2009.  I flashed the bios and restarted the computer.  There was no video for a long time and the first video I saw was the log in screen for Windows 7.  There was no bios splash screen.  Further attempts to start the bios screen by repeatedly pressing F2 led to no computer start at all.  Intel support had no answers.


      I talked to nVidia support.  In the course of that conversation, I mentioned that I was using the HDCP to VGA converter.  nVidia support said this could be the source of the problem.  I tried another, newer monitor with an HDCP connector and, with the HDCP to VGA converter removed, all of the problems disappeared.


      I conclude that the upgraded bios flash caused the HDCP to VGA converter to no longer function.  Looking back at the test procedure, I could see why originally I saw no bios splash screen and then Windows 7 eventually started.  This is because Windows 7 does support the converter an the bios does not.


      And in retrospect the reason that there was no video at all while using the converter and pressing F2 repeatedly is because the bios menu had started but I could not see it ... and, of course, Windows 7 had not started.

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          Have you already tried search for the signal on another port?

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            Actually, on the two 7900GT cards, there are a total of four ports, two on each card.  When I was using the HDCP to VGA converter with a monitor that has a VGA connector, I tried all of the other ports.  The video data either did not start to flow until the login screen for Windows 7 appeared or not at all.


            When I got rid of the converter and used a newer monitor with an HDCP connector, the video started immediately.  I am currently using the top port of the video card in the PCIe slot nearest the CPU.

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              I have a correction on the original post.  I was using a DVI to VGA converter (not an HDCP to VGA converter).  At this point, I suspect that the video generated directly from the bios (as recently upgraded) does not support analog.  But, no comment by Intel on this.

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                I've had a similar problem with my old GTX285 (2xDVI). I realize that video output was going through one DVI before Windows startup screen and switched to the other DVI after. This happened after I connected the other DVI to my TV and powered up the PC with my monitor off. To have the video output through only one DVI again, I had to power down the PC, disconnect the TV video cable from PC, power up the PC again and disable the other DVI on Windows.