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    160gb X25M In Panasonic CF74


      Anyone using a Toughbook with an SSD? Any tips for configuration?


      I am very pleased with two of my PCs using Micron's 256gb C300. However, limited to SATA II, I elected to try the X25m due principally to the C300s much greater read/write latencies. I'll report back on results after configuring with a fresh W7 install. I am all ears to any words of wisdom- particularly on a new install.


      I have attached one of my C300 benchmark screen shots from a platform using an X58 MB, i7-965 CPU and a Koutech PCIe SATA III host bus adapter:


      Koutech, msahci drivers.jpg





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          Well, I installed the drive - which involved disassembling the hard drive caddy, then did a fresh W7 install. Using Intel's RST drivers, everything went smooth. Only thing is, the Toughbook's main board is only SATA I capable! Nonetheless, this little workaholic notebook's performance increase is tremendous. Here are a few benchmarks:


          OEM configuration, 80gb Toshiba HD




          Intel X25m 160gb SSD, Intel RST drivers






          So this performance gain plus a decrease in power consumption is what I got for my investment. Could I have gotten similar results using a less expensive SSD? Probably yes. Overall, I am pleased.