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    System build problem with DX58SO motherboard and GTX480 graphics card


      I'm having difficulty getting an NVIDIA (EVGA) GTX480 PCI express graphics card to be recognized by my DX56SO motherboard w/i7-960 running Windows 7. Windows doesn't see it because the motherboard doesn't know the card is installed. The bios says it's not detecting snything in the PCI express slot. Is the a problem with this board and the GTX 480 card? I've had to install a PCI card in order to get any video.


      My BIOS version is SOX5810J.86A.4598.2009.1211.1321 12/11/2009


      I'd greatly appreciate any help so I can return whatever is causing the problem before I'm no longer able to return it if it is a HW vs a SW problem