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    Problems with Unwanted Reboots while playing


      Hey, i got problems with my PC lately, (1 or 2 months ago) it restarts when im playing games. It doesn't say anything or makes a sound. It just reboot after 5 or 10 min. of playing. I doubt is a problem with temperature unless its freezing. The Bios after rebooting says CPU: 45-55 System:35-45.
      The TV card it's a Zotac Nvidia 260^2.
      The only thing that seems a bit odd is that the V in the 12V line says 11.8400 .... i don't know if its right anyways I tell again it was working fine for 1 and a half years...it just started happening a few days ago....ohhh and i opened it las week, cleaned it completly...it worked fine again for a few days... and yesterday it started again...Maybe is the cold temperature...but it doesn't seem that 45-55 35-45 is too low...it it start to heat up while playing,,,so i dont understand why after 5 or 10 minutes it restarts alone... (is there any SW I can use to check the temp for Intel MB????

      It happens when im playing only...

      Anyways, the specs are:

      MB: Intel DG31PR
      CPU: Intel Core2Duo 3Ghz E8400
      TV: Zotac Nvidia GTX 260
      OS: Windows 7 x64

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          It sounds like your power supply is having diffuculties supplying your Pc with power. You did not mention the power of your PSU, but the GTX260 does need al lot of power. I would suggest a PSU with a minimal of 450 Watt.


          If you want to access your internal temp sensor you can download CoreTemp or Speedfan.

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            Hi! and thanks for the reply.
            My power supply its 600 or 550 Watts if i recall correctly with good Amps
            The only thing that looks a bit off is the line of 12 V that is 11.8400. all others are a bit over its own designed V

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              A bit of a variation in the amps or voltages doensn't matter. The voltages you described are still within standard deviations of PSU's. If the temps are too high during gaming or other stress then the system should give of some beeps or a warning and after the reboot there should be an error stating a "thermal event" or similar.


              Have you installed the temp monitoring software? It still could be the temps. And I would also like to add that if you also download GPU-z then you can also check the temp details of your videocard.


              The CPU and the GPU should both have thermal throttling, so they should clock themselves down when the temps reach a certain level. This system could have an error, so checking the temps could be interesting.

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                Thanks for the help, las month I finally bought another Power Source and it worked like a charm.
                It was just tired and was asking for retirement. It's still working fine but not for a high starndard PC.

                Thanks for the help!