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    How do I extract Intel 845E Chipset drivers to a floppy?


      To all of you with lots of PC experience, this is going to sound like a dumb problem.  I have been around since IBM PC-1/MS-DOS days but am now in my 70s and my head sometimes doesn't get the lingo of folks my grand-children's age.  Accordingly, please follow along with me.


      I have a Dell Dimension 4500 (1.8 gHz P4 CPU w/845E chipset, A-04 BIOS, 1024 mB RAM) that I am trying to set up as a W98SE system.  Dell sold the Dimension 4500 only as an XP-based system and thus does not support or supply drivers for W98SE on the 4500.


      I did a clean install of W98SE on the Western Digital hard drive and now want to load the appropriate Intel chipset drivers.  I ran the Intel Chipset ID Utility (V.2.91) and identified the machine's chipset as 845E.  I went to Intel's downloads site and downloaded a file labled 'infinst_enu.exe' which is supposed to include the W98SE drivers for the 845E chipset.  This is where I get confused.  I seem to need to get the W98SE drivers out of this file onto floppy(ies).


      I have read the 'readme.txt' that came with the 'infinst_enu.exe' file at least a dozen times and don't fully understand what it wants me to do.  Paragraph 9.A., in describing how to install the drivers after OS installation, says "... copy the contents of one of the following directories to the root directory of the floppy disk ..." with what I think is the command:  <INF Extract Directory>\XXXX\Win98SE.  The instructions go on to say:  "XXXX is the directory name for the chipset of interest.  Refer to Section 8 for more details."  Now I am really confused.  I know what a directory is from my MS-DOS days but don't know how to do what the instructions seem to tell me to do.


      If I run the 'infinst_enu.exe' file, it spits out a bunch of *.ich and *.lch files that don't seem to quite get me where I need to go, that is, create a floppy or floppies with the 845E chipset files for applicable to a system with W98SE as the OS.


      If someone could clarify exactly and simply what I am supposed to be doing with the 'infinst_enu.exe' file to extract the 845E chipset files for W98SE to a floppy, I would be terribly greatful.  My feeling is that the 'readme.txt' for the 'infinst_enu.exe' file was written by some terribly bright person that did not fully comprehend that an old duffer like me might get confused when trying to follow its guidance.


      Thanks, in advance, for any assistance.