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    Intel Pro/1000 GT Desktop & Windows 7 is no go




      I just bought a new Intel Pro/1000 GT card for my desktop and was hoping for a plug&play experience but to my supprise it did not work at all.

      Good part is Windows 7 (x64 Ultimate) found the card and installed driver version But it refused to connect to my router. I even typed in a IP to force it but no luck.

      Next i downloaded v15.4_CD from



      i installed the drivers which showed to be older version  ( but i got some test utility with it which was good. I run the Hardware Diagnostic and everything passes so i'm confused what to do next.


      Any tips is welcome at this point. By the wat i dont know how to go back to the "newer MS drivers". I tried to uninstall the existing one but it will just pop up back.