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    X25-M G2 - MODEL NUMBERS..??




      At the link above can anyone explain to me what the differences are between those 3 SSD's..??


      I know the (N82E16820167023 - SSDSA2MH080G2R5) is a Retail Unit, but whats the deal with the other 2 SSD's..??

      (SSDSA2M080G201 -&- SSDSA2MJ080G2XX)


      Why does the (SSDSA2MJ080G2XX) state its "Intel's latest version, better and  faster"..??

      Whats so New & Better - Faster about it..??

      And what does the "MJ" Stand for..??



      Why does the (SSDSA2M080G201) cost more than the Retail Unit or the other OEM's..??



      Which 80GB SSD is really Intels newest better version..??