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    It's pretty hot down here! QX9650 60Cº on idle?


      Today it was very hot 32Cº in city. In my room it was even hotter, I was working in my t-shirt and I could say that I was burning.

      My brand new QX9650 that I recently obtained was even hotter at start-up. One of its cores was around 60Cº on idle and CPU tmep reached 65Cº on rendering.

      So I made it work with low frequency in BIOS successfully dropping it to 54Cº.

      Are my temperatures going abnormal?


      Should I change my CPU cooler which is:

      Cooler Mster CM Sphere



      Should I change my thermal grease which is:

      Silver Tim Thermal Paste from Xilence



      Or should I buy an air conditioner?



      My case is ventilated like this:


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          Among the options that you have provided, the best solution is the airconditioner. With the airconditioner, everything in your room including yourself should be cooled down to a lower temp.

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            Would dropping my room temp with air conditioner by 10 degrees also drop my CPU temp by 10 degrees?

            If yes my CPU temp would drop to 48-50Cº on idle. Isn't it still hot?

            I was intersted in coolers like:

            Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme CPU Cooler


            Corsair Hydroseries H50


            Noctua NH-U12P Heatsink


            How much difference would they make?

            5Cº, 10Cº, 15Cº ?


            P.S. I'm nterested in OC, and want try some..

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              I can't guarantee that if the room temp drops by 10 degrees you're processor's temp will also drop by 10 specially that you are considering to OC your system. Processor's temp is dependent on room temp and also on the load that it is handling. Load here means programs and other processes runned.


              Added: The temperature range 48-50 that you cited will be considered normal if the maximum temperature rating of the processor is not exceeded. In other words, refer to the maximum allowable temperature rating of the processor to come up with a conclusion of the prevalent actual temperature range of operation of your system.


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                So Intel's max allowable temp for QX9650 is 64.5Cº.

                And if on full load I get 65-70Cº, should I care to cool it down immediately or are these values just acceptable?

                By the way as a graphic designer I use my computer on full load very often.

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                  In the case that you have cited, the max temp is 64.5 and at full load the actual temp is in the range of 65 - 70. What happen is that when the actual temp will rise to a value approaching 64.5 the temp sensor will cause the cpu fan plus the other fans to run faster in an attempt to cool down the system. So the temp that you cited will not occur. If this is not enough and the temp will reach the value 65 the system will have to shut down. So the concern now is that the air from the surrounding must be cool and that will be satisfied by the airconditioner.

                  Since you will be subjecting the system to full load often then expect that your three fans will be running at near or full speed. However, if your airconditioner is large enough to lower the room temp to a low value the fans may not be running at full speed. In fact it is possible that they may be running at low speed.

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                    Hi, the 64.5 temp cited is just a guideline a generalization as each chip is different. You really have to worry about it overheating when the CPU starts throttling itself, thats when it is nearing its max temp.  Although you still obviously want a CPU to run a cool as possible. To see really what temps your CPU will get to under full load, and to test or probe its max temp, put Prime 95 on for about 20 minutes. After 20 mins of prime at full load your CPU will be at its highest it will probably ever get. althoguh your temps arent the lowest, see how far you get with prime, tehn decide what type of cooling you need. By the way dont forget to use something like real temps or speed fan to monitor your temps. Also just a FYI,it is nigh on impossible to damage a CPU nowadays from overheating it will soon shut itself down if it thinks it is too hot.

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                      To summarize what I have written earlier, the system will not get overheated because it has an automatic monitoring to increase the fan speed of the three fans in case the temperature gets near the maximum value (whatever the value is - the 64.5 value is important if your a system builder, a designer, or a system analyst/evaluator). In a worse case scenario if ever the maximum temperature is reach the system will shut down to prevent damage to the system. To insure that the system will never get overheated in the condition where you are and almost operating the system at full load most of the time, the addition of the airconditioner helps and must be selected of such size as to lower the whole room temperature. To confirm all of these you monitor the various temperature of the system by using the appropriate software for the particular motherboard that you are using. It is advisable to use the manufacturer's monitoring software. However, if there are none you can use a generic one.

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                        I'm going to order this cooler and see what happens
                        Noctua nh-d14


                        Somehow I don't trust my cooler 'cause I haven't seen it in any benchmark test.
                        Plus air conditioning I think I'll mange to freeze my CPU!
                        Thanx for help.
                        I'll share my results after installing new cooler.

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                          Recieved my noctua nh-d14 two and half hours ago.
                          Delayed my urgent job and decided to install it.
                          Mounted it very carefully without ultra low noise adapter (still silent for me though two fans on heatsink).
                          Had trouble closing side panel, but all two fans are adjustable so I put them a bit down and managed to close the panel:)
                          Tested with Prime95 for 24 minutes. It hit 59C at maximum. Definite success for me!
                          I'll test it oc'ing it to 4ghz soon.
                          Thanx for help to everybody.


                          P.S. still no air conditioning installed in the room by boss.

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