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      My ASUS consumer motherboard uses an I10CHR controller with 2 1.5 TB drives in RAID1 (mirror)


      Over the past several months, the Intel Matrix Storage server has repeatedly

      degraded and rebuilt the mirror array, for reasons that I cannot determine.


      If the reason is because of a failing drive, or a faulty cable connection, I cannot

      determine this, because I cannot even determine which of the two drives is

      having the issue, because the events posted by IAANTMon.exe to the system

      event log provide no clue. The messages it posts show only that the array has

      been degraded and have been rebuilt, but do not indicate which of the drives in

      the array was rebuilt, and which was used to rebuild it.


      This is simply astounding, that I cannot determine which of my two drives

      is causing the Intel controller and software to repeatedly rebuild the array.


      I simply cannot believe that in this day and age, I have to suffer from this

      kind of inferior software engineering that has lead to this situation. A drive

      in my mirror volume is failing and I have RAID controller software that is

      incapable of telling me which of the drives it is.


      Simply astounding.