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    SCC hardware setup


      I am starting to set up the SCC hardware we received in Pittsburgh, and had a few questions about the hardware.  I attached the heatsink / fan that was provided (using a bit of thermal paste).  Everything else seems to be connected already, except for a 3-wire cable coming from the front panel -- this is not connected to anything.  Is this supposed to connect to something?


      Secondly, there are 5 Ethernet ports in the back.  I assume that the BMC is on the single port isolated from the other 4.  Also, I assume that the IP address is fixed, and therefore incompatible with our local network.  So my plan is to use a second Ethernet port on the host PC, set its IP address to something similar to the BMC, and connect it to this port (using a switch or a crossover cable).  Does this sound reasonable?


      Finally, the board's extra Ethernet and SATA ports are not really covered in the general documentation -- how are these connected to the SCC?  Are these visible to the OS running on the SCC cores?  Or do they simply show up as additional devices on the host PC?  Is there any documentation on how these are connected and how they can be used?  Thanks!


      - Babu

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          The extra 3-wire cable should remain disconnected.  I believe it's for a fan sensor, but the RockyLake board doesn't offer pins for it.


          You are correct that the BMC ethernet is the port which is by itself.  The other four ethernet ports are currently unused.  You are correct that the IP of the BMC is fixed and the preferred method is to have another host or a second network interface on the MCPC setup with an IP on the same network as the BMC.


          I'll find someone who can explain exactly what the plans are for the SATA and additional ethernet ports.

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            SATA and GbE functionality is planned for 2H 2010.  These will require an update to the FPGA bitstream.  We don't plan a universal upgrade at this time, because it isn't clear how many researchers will require this functionality, but we will make details available as these functions become available.


            Would you find these features useful?  We can create a list for folks who need these for their research.