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    Buying a host interface card for SCC


      Not very many places seem to carry the One Stop Systems PCIE external card adapter needed to connect the SCC board to the host PC.  The SCC team suggested Bell Microproducts -- this supplier does carry the board and cables, but is geared more towards large purchasers rather than retail, and has onerous account setup procedures.  We managed to get the parts from another online place -- www.applied-computer.com.  They are more retail friendly, with little account setup overhead, and do accept AmEx.  They did take a lot longer than expected to ship (almost 2 weeks), though.  Interestingly, the shipping label states it shipped from Bell Microproducts, so these places must have some shared warehouses or something.  We found a couple of other online stores that carried the part, but these often had other restrictions (e.g., no AmEx, or PayPal only).