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    DX58SO wont Boot since upgrade to latest Intel Desktop Command Center


      I had a functioning DX58SO motherboard until last Saturday when I downloaded and installed the latest version (V5?) of the Intel Desktop Command Center.  Once this software was installed and started, my PC powered itself off.  Now the PC powers up, displays the Intel Bios Logo (Press F2 to enter Bios), then a few seconds later, the PC powers itself off. A few seconds later, it powers itself up and repeats the same cycle.  Nothing else is displayed, no error messages, no beeps, no post codes.  The PC makes no effort to boot off the harddrive or CD/DVD drive, it never gets a chance before the PC powers itself off.


      I've contacted Intel,  but they keep insisting that I need to contact Microsoft.  Until I can get the motherboard to boot, I see no value in contacting Microsoft.

      There is no way to uninstall the Intel Utility until I can boot up the system.

      There is no way to recover or restore an operating system until I can boot up the system.

      I can not start Recovery Console, enter Safe Mode, etc. without booting a system.


      My system is never getting this far in the startup.

      I can press "F2" and enter the BIOS.  And all the settings look normal.  I even tried to reset everything to "default" factory settings, saved and exited.
      But the system continues to do the Power Up, Display Intel Logo, Power Off, repeat....


      Anyone have any ideas how I can recover this motherboard?

      Think the Bios could have gotten corrupted by the Intel Desktop Control Center?


      PC's been down 4-days and I'm making no progress in getting it restored.  And help would be appreciated.