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    DQ45CB board woes


      Have recently built a system with a DQ45CB E30148-301 motherboard.

      System specs:

      Q9400 R0

      4GB of DDR2-667 RAM (2*2GB Kingston/Qimonda)

      Gigabyte ATI Radeon HD4550 512MB

      Intel G2 SSD

      2*WD Caviar Black HDDs (non-raided)

      SB Creative X-Fi Titanium PCI-e


      OS: Windows 7 Professional 32-bit


      Flashed the latest BIOS first thing (0121) and these are the immediate issues I've run into:


      1. My beloved Cherry G80-3000 USB keyboard isn't recognized each time. Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't  BIOS log says 'Keyboard not found'. Most of the time works though. Mind you this keyboard works flawlessly with any other motherboard I've used, never had an issue and it's been through 10+ systems - the keyboard itself isn't ancient though, bought it less than 2 years ago (hence it's USB). This is the most troubling issue since I can't part with this keyboard, would rather ditch the board, but I want to keep the board, too, for some reasons.


      2. What has struck me as an absolutely appalling thing is that this board isn't able to wake from S3 at all with Intel TXT enabled in the BIOS. No resume, no go.The CPU is Q9400 R0 and supports TXT, seems like it's not possible to use all the features of the board after 18 BIOS updates?


      3. The board sets AAM to quiet for all hard drives no matter what. I heard this was fixed for other (P45) boards, but not for the DQ45CB. Could you please disable this appalling behavior of this board since a user should be able to select AAM level for supporting hard drives? I don't need AAM on my WD Blacks, thank you.


      4. For some strange reason it's impossible to boot into DOS (Win98/ME stock bootable floppy files) from an USB flash drive which works perfectly with all other boards. The DQ45CB just returns an 'invalid Command.com' message when there's nothing wrong with the USB flash since I use it to start DOS on several PCs with no issues at all.


      Dear firmware engineers! Could you please look into rectifying some/all of the abovementioned issues, most importantly No. 1? The feature set of this board is excellent but it isn't working flawlessly unfortunately :-(

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          On the USB keyboard detection issue - it seems the board doesn't like any keys being pressed before it initializes the keyboard. For example, if I press Esc to reboot from a non-Windows environment, the system instantly reboots and upon initializing BIOS the keyboard would be missing. It boots into Windows allright, but no keyboard. Mouse works fine. I have to reboot the system again to get the keyboard detected. Once it's detected upon system startup, it works flawlessly, isn't lost after resume from S3 etc.


          So it's clearly a BIOS issue. If I start say pressing F2 rapidly to enter BIOS setup right after the board reboots, there's a good chance the keyboard won't be detected - the Numlock isn't lit, when keys pressed it would blink, but keys won't register, and the board would have to be restarted again to see the keyboard. So this absolutely needs to be fixed as this is the biggest issue with this board so far - I don't need TXT to be honest and DOS - not all that much, would be nice if those things would also work, but it's no bigs for me, but the keyboard thing is pretty serious. This mobo doesn't have any PS/2 ports unfortunately and thus USB should be rock solid as far as keyboard detection goes - who needs a PC without a keyboard?


          Dear Intel firmware people, please do something about this since I don't think this issue will ever come up from any other users of this board, but it's a very severe issue that often prevents any use of the DQ45CB motherboard.




          So far no other troubles with this board, though. Seems like a solid board to me, if only that keyboard thing could be fixed.

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            I am going to be little help to yo sorry. I have a dq35mp with a q9400 like you. I am having grief getting vt-d to work. It is not available in BIOS when it should be. On investigation it shows no entry for the lowest supported bios version with a q9400 processor. In frustration I was going to get a dq45cb instead BUT like the dq35cb it show no supported bios version for the q9400. BIOS engineers if you are looking at this - please fix the dq35p as well as the dq45cb.

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              omoht wrote:


              I am having grief getting vt-d to work. It is not available in BIOS when it should be.

              It is available in DQ45CB's BIOS. Not that I need it or know what the heck it is, though, but it's not the question. The USB keyboard detection issue and locked quiet AAM for all hard drives without any ability to turn it off  - that's what grinds my gears, so to speak. Overall the board seems usable and basically works fine, when it finds the keyboard of course (frankly speaking it sees it most of the time upon booting up, but like in 1 in 5 times it boots without a keyboard and it's really annoying. Plus would be nice to have my AAM back - why shouldn't we, presumably a higher level product users, not get what the P45 guys got?)

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                Update on the USB keyboard detection problem. I have replaced the PSU in my rig (went from 450W FSP to 350W Delta, actually downgrading wattage) and now my Cherry G80-3000 keyboard is recognized more often than not. If the issue hasn't disapperead completely, it has become much, much less severe.


                So don't know if anyone from Intel will look into it or what, but the issue surely has something to do with power. My old PSU (FSP 450W) provided slightly less than +5V power to the USB, like 4.8-9 volts or something. The 350W Delta has a higher +5V output - around 5.2 volts and this seems to help minimize keyboard detection issues. Mind you this exact PSU and keyboard were used with a Gigabyte P45 mobo with 0 keyboard issues. So there are definitely some things to update in that Intel BIOS.

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                  USB keyboard detection issue update. I thought the issue had been resolved with the PSU change (I replaced an FSP unit with a Delta for acoustic reasons), but suddenly the keyboard wasn't recognized on bootup once again after good 3 days of glitch-free constant operation.


                  What did I do? I quit BIOS without saving and upon reboot the keyboard yet again wasn't recognized. The system booted into Windows without a keyboard. Had to restart it and there was my keyboard again.


                  So, to sum it up, it's neither a power issue nor a keyboard compatibility one. How can my keyboard be incompatible if it was working flawlessly for 3 days straight, been rebooting the darn thing at least 30-40 times while installing Windows and all applications. Never a hiccup. But today suddenly after exiting the BIOS without saving - no keyboard again. It's a BIOS issue, people. The one that needs to be taken care of.