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    DH55TC Working Too Much Slow

      i build a new System with Intel DH55TC Motherboard Core i7 2.28 Processor 4GB DDR3 Ram, ATI HD4500 1GB VGA Card, 1TB Western Digital Hard Disk


      but it performance is very slow like a Pentium 3 System i dont know why its working too much slow
      i m using Windows xp Pro sp3.


      i installed windows 7. it is much better then Windows xp. but my clint is not ready to take with Windows 7 coz of some software compability.


      i tried to change the IDE mode to AHCI but everytime its Dump.


      i put Intel 5 series/3400 Chipset AHCI Controller. but it giving me Dump
      Right now i installed in IDE mode and its showing Sata driver installed but i cant change into AHCI mode coz i read on google if u will change IDE mode to AHCI it will work Fast
      Bios Update to New version
      Drivers Update to new Version
      Still same
      Hyper threading Enable
      Virtulization Enable
      HPET Enable


      Any Solution?
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          It is very weird that you don't even notice the difference, now Windows* XP does not have much requirements so you wont notice much of a difference as most likely your Intel(R) Pentium(R) III processor did work enough to use Windows* XP.


          If you are having slow boot and perfromance issues running different softwares that have higher requirements that a Intel(R) Pentium(R) III processor and the programs do support newer processors  ( If you are using a very old software that does not support newer processor then it may even run slower ) you can check some things.


          You have the latest BIOS, but you updated it after you installed the operating system? If you did, a fresh install of the operating system can help.

          The memory, is it recognized correctly in BIOS? Some memory modules are not recognized correctly in BIOS and you may be having an unstable system causing it to run slow even if you don't receive the Blue Screen Of Death.

          Advanced Host Controller Interface (AHCI) will work fasten than on IDE mode, to use Advanced Host Controller Interface (AHCI) in Windows* XP you need to install the drivers during the operating system installation with the F6 method.




          Make sure that if you reinstall the operating system, you install the chipset driver first, this is called the critical driver installation procedure.



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            Hi Dear

            Okz Listen I Just Install the Windows Xp and then check its Performance and it is slow

            What i find let me tell u maybe u will now guide me properly


            i am working in a Shop

            so i have all accessories. i check its memoray through memtest and its working fine. 5 Time i install the windows After update the bios 3 time

            what i find i change the Hard Disk westren Digital 1TB to Seagate 160Gb just for checking and its working Absolutly Fine...

            Then i change and Put One more new Westren Digital 1TB hard disk and install the window and performance same slow

            then i change the Hard disk again Westren Digital Hard 500GB and its working fine good performance


            one thing which i see is this that on WD 1TB hard Disk is Written 64MB Cache and on 500 GB WD hard its 16MB cache.

            I Dont know maybe this Cache Problem


            i tried many time Installation through F6 methode always Dump error (Note: Through External Floppy drive) someone told me try with nlite i know how to use nlite. but my costomer is now angry :O


            but i need solution proper i dont want that my next costomer will get this headich



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              There are no problems with the cache size on the hard drive.


              Can you test a different brand of 1Tb hard drive?

              Try to update the firmware on the hard drive, it could be a recognition problem.



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                i want do this but Right now i dont have any other brand in 1TB.


                how to Upgrade hard drive firmware?