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    Bios update problem with intel dp35dpm


      I was using a c2d e4500 on my dp35dpm and all was fine. then i  bought a q9400 and replaced my CPU. all was  fine except the bios was not showing the processor model correctly  neither it was showing its speed. In windows dxdiag was showing me  correct model speed, cache etc. however the temperature in speed fan  software at idle 46-56 C my room temperature was around 28 C at that  day. I did not applied new thermal paste on that processor so that could  be possible reason for the higher temperature or may be the old bios as  i never updated it since i bought it in nov 2007.

      So i decided to  upgrade the bios. I downloaded the express bios update exe file from

      http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_  … p;lang=eng

      and start that application in windows 7 32 bit.  the application asked me to reboot and wait for 3 mints. but after  restart my computer never boot again. there was a static " _ " mark on  top left corner of screen and nothing was progressing after displaying  that sign. after searching on Google i found a method to recover my bios  by writing .bio file on cd and booting from that. but it didn't work  either. I have lost my purchase slip so i think i cant claim the warrenty now. I brought my board to local repair shop but they told me that they dont have bios software binery file of this board so they cant help me. can you please tell me now what i do to get back my board.