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    abysmal ICH10R RAID 1 performance with driver


      System info:


      Windows 7 x64
      Gigabyte EP45-UD3R motherboard
      disk 0 (C:) SSD -- Windows and program files
      disk 1 and disk 2 (D:) RAID 1 Volume -- docs, photos, music, etc.
      all three drives are plugged into the ICH10R SATA ports
      Intel chipeset driver


      When the Windows 7 RC trial period expired, I purchased a retail copy of Windows 7 Home Premium and a small SSD to use as my boot/OS drive (OCZ Vertex LE).


      The new SSD is performing wonderfully with no problems, but my mirror volume performance has become horribly slow.  Looking at disk activity in Windows' Resource Monitor shows "Response Time" for files on D:\ bouncing around the 2,000 - 13,000 millisecond range!  Almost unusable.


      Before the [attempted] upgrade, I was running Windows 7 RC on the same RAID 1 volume with the same two drives with no issues.  I don't believe the fact that my new drive is an SSD has anything to do with the problem.


      Something about having a "mixed" configuration (solo drive + RAID 1 mirror) and installing  Intel RSA with chipeset driver has hosed things up.

      Intel RSA shows the individual drives and volume status as "normal"
      Verification finds no errors.
      Turning on and off write-back cache has no noticeable effect.
      Also, I hear a lot of seeking/spinning-up/spinning-down noises when it seems like the system should be idle.


      Any help or suggestions would be deeply appreciated.