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    DP35DP: memory issue; DVD issue; Lan issue...


      Troubles with my DP35DP. I tryed to upgrade RAM from 4 Gb to 8 Gb but BIOS doesn't recognize anything but 2 Gb. I Returned to the original configuration of 4 Gb (2 x 2 Gb) but only 2 Gb is available. Recently my DVD-Rom Drive (ASUS DRW-2014L1T) stopped recognizing dvd and only reads some cds and my Gigabit Lan is not functional. Before, when pressed the button to turn the lights lit and the fan ran for a few seconds and stopped everything. It was necessary to press the power button again (it would be a test of the motherboard?). Now the computer turns on by pressing the button only once.

      Could anyone help me?

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          So did your board ever read the 4gb, you maight have a bad stick.

          try installing them individually to see if any of them is bad or not. start your pc with 2gb at a time switching sticks to make sure they are all working.

          What operating system are you running 32bit or 64 bit? I assum it would be 64 as you were trying to put in 8gb.

          check to see if there is a firmware upgrade for your dvd drive, might just be a bad drive. i had some issues with a sony drive that did the samething, stopped burning disc and reading disc's was over all a bad drive follow with bad firmware.

          lan issue try turning your pc off and unpluging the power cord for a little bit and then plug back in and power back on, that usually work for me when my lan on the board isnt recognised

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            I use Windows 7 Ultimate 64.
            I've done the firmware updates for dvd and for Ian and did not work. I installed another dvd drive and the problem continues.
            The strange thing is that I before attempting to expand to 8 Gb, it was totally functional 4 Gb.

            I was thinking about to reset the BIOS and do a downgrade.

            It seems that the whole problem came after I ran an online program from Intel to check for updates to my machine. It may just be coincidence.

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              Hi jlbelli....


              Dont worry Mate.... which bios version do u have , i'm having t same Mobo, 0572 version bios is incompatible with my SOny DVD Dru810A Burner, does not boot any disc.... and some times stuck into infinite loop... If u have 0572 bios downgrade it... to 0484, try downgrading bios by removing t recoverey method.... Chk ur mobo manual for reference, it' a solid mobo, unfortunately INTEL Purposedly written bad bios frm 0497- , and tey stopped prvidin audio driver and Intel amagement engine interface drivers , so tey removed Windows 7 Compatibility.... Buisness mind, i'm happy with a Sound Card.....try flasing bios and remove t CMOS battery for 10 min....

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                Thanks xtremegamer. I will try to your advices: remove CMOS battery for 10 minutes and downgrade my BIOS to 0484.

                After I post the result.

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                  I  disconnected the CMOS battery for 10 minutes and got the 4 Gb again, but  my DVD-Rom Drive (ASUS DRW-2014L1T) and my Gigabit Lan are still  not working. I tried  to downgrade the BIOS but didn't work. I think  the memory error was caused by a malfunction during installation. When  he ran, I reassembled the computer and stopped working on.