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    D955XBK voltage regulator failure

      This is a somewhat technical question; I have the D955XBK installed with a Pentium D 830 CPU and 4 gig RAM. The board and CPU are almost five years old and have always performed well with no problems except for heat. I fixed that problem by installing a SilverStone SST-NT06 heatsink and fan. (In the winter the excess heat, blown off the CPU, raised the room temp a good 3 to 4 degrees!). Anyway, just the other day when booting up, (I never left the unit on continually, always shut down at night), It ran for about a minute the shut down. I tried again with the same result. I tried swapping out video card, disconnected CD/DVD players and external HDs. Nothing worked to get the system up and running. My last attempt produced a loud pop and a flash. I then dismantled the whole thing and found a voltage regulator, 01C1, that had blown right in half. It is located very close to the CPU. So I've finally come to accept that the MB is toast. My question is this, Will I be able to salvage the CPU and RAM for use on another LGA775 socket MB? and, does anyone know what function the voltage regulator in this section of the board, performs? or is associated with? and maybe WHY it failed? Thanks in advance for any input.

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          In order to damage your processor you would need a very big short. Usually your processor will be fine.


          A good thing to try is to test your processor in another motherboard that supports it and see if it boots up. It is very unlikely that your processor will damage another motherboard.