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    eBiosPost.exe has stopped running.

      Hi ,  i have tried updating my bios via the exe.  when the computer reboots and i log in, the eBiosPost.exe error pops up and i am unable to run intel_vpro_technology_activator_utility_3.3.  Has anyone come across this issue.  Note , this has happened to me on two identical machines.  MB is DQ57TM

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          i was able to do the bios recovery to the latest bios firmware 33.  Still cant run intel_vpro_technology_activator_utility_3.3.  command prompt opens with some writing but closes to fast to read anything.  event viewer show event id 101. 



          Intel(R) Activator Tool: Invalid parameter.

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            i have a similair problem i was updating my old drivers the ck94510J.15a.0038.2007.0226.1646 to the newer ck94510J.15a.0064 and it seemed fine it starting installing restarted and booted up and after the windows vista logo came up it said i had an EBIOSPOST . exe error and the program could run. I checked my bios to see if it updated it says it has, i havent notice any issues yet but the reason i was doing it so my ram wouldnt be 3.25gbs it be the proper 4gbs. but i was just wondering, did it install correctly? the readme says i have to confirm it does after it installs and since that screen never came up i must assume it didnt finish installing correctly how do i fix this? thanks