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    DQ57TM AHCI Problem


      I am the owner of a DQ57TM Desktop board. I have the following problem regarding this board:

      I have loaded the latest bios 0037 upgraded from bios 0025 (using the recovery procedure), and i face strange behaviour regarding SATA states in the bios.

      I have connected my 3 Sata devices at ports 0,1,2 concurently (HDD, ODD,ODD). When i set up the devices as AHCI in bios i am loosing my second ODD and i am getting  ODD scanning behaviour (like when your loading the drive with a disk) and instant pause in windows at the time of ODD loading.

      When i revert in Bios my SATA devices on IDE setting all is fine (all my sata get detected OK) and in Windows i do not have any problem.

      I have the following Sata Devices:


      HDD: WD 1TB FALS Caviar Black Drive

      ODD1: LG GGC-H20L Blu-Ray Rom/DVDRW Drive

      ODD2: LG 20X DVDRW Drive.


      I haven't find a remedy so far....