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    dh55hc boot problem


      i3 530

      dh55hc latest bios

      club 3d hd5770

      inte ssd g1 + g2

      4gb ram khx1333c7d3k2/4gx

      bequit l7 pure power 430w




      I have a problem with restarting the computer. when restarting I get the intel bootscreen. it takes at least 40 sec till the bootprocess continues. It is almost impossible to enter the bios. If I success, the picture is buit up very slowly. Booting is only possible, if I power down and wait about 20 sec till switching on again.

      When windows 7 x64 oder ubuntu x64 is running, there is no problem. everything runs like it should.

      To eliminate the memory as problem source I ran memtest a couple of hours. There was no error.


      Thank you in advance.