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    Process Lagging Unexpectedly (i7-720QM)


      hey there. so i have a dell studio laptop with a i7-720qm in it. everything seems to be running fine and dandy until a process starts pushing the processor


      more specifically skype. when i make a call with a few people or a video call with someone, at first its fine but after awhile skype requires more power (i dont know). so turbo boost kicks in (only to about 2.00-2.15ghz, max is 2.8) and things start getting laggy. in my task manager, it says skype is using around 12-15% cpu and that only about 25% is being used total. but if i go to the Resource Monitor (button in the Performance tab of the task manager) and go to my cpu tab, it says that it is running at about static 110% maximum frequency. after several trials/tests, it seems to lag when the resource monitor says a static max freq. over 100%.


      i'm not sure whats going on or why. i dont understand why the cpu cant push more power if it needs it; however it doesnt seem like it needs it if only 25% is being used. oh! also only skype is lagging. in other words, when i'm typing into the chat, the text lags. when people talk, i hear them and then after a second or two their name highlights indicating they're talking. i can go to other processes (web browsing, video editing, etc) and they will be operating normally.


      any help would be beneficial!