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    Windows Server R2 and Westmere with more than 32GB




      H/W is SR2600URLXR, no RAID, single SATA disk, 48GB Memory (certified), 2 x X5670, latest BIOS Package (P10 with 49.1 BIOS- I know there is a bit newer one , but in RELEASE notes seems it won't fix my problem).

      S/W - Windows 2008 R2 DataCenter 64bit


      After two weeks of hard work , here are my conclusions:


      1. With OUT Hyper-V Role system is perfect.

      2. With Hyper-V Role enabled:

         a. 2 x X5670 with 32GB works.

         b. 2 x X5670 with more, slows down the network (latest driver 15.2) to 20% of original speed.

         c. 2 x X5570 with 48GB works perfect.


      I know there are two (I found three) Nehalem/Westmere specific patches for R2, and they didn't help.


      Any idea ?

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