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    23' LCD blinks with Intel Graphics (82945G Express and 965 Express)


      I have bought a brand new Intel D945GCLF2 motherboard.

      It is connected to a Samsung SyncMaster P2350 LCD screen (which is also new) and is running Windows XP SP3 32bits.

      At any resolution you can see four or five horizontal bars of blinking that move cyclicly down.

      They are very noticeable with dark colours, specially over a solid dark grey background where you can clearly see them, but if you set a picture, you can bearly perceive a blinking in the darkest parts of the image.


      At first I thought the Samsung LCD was defective; I connected it to my laptop which has an Intel 965 Express (over Windows 7) and the same blink occured, although in a different way: instead of purely horizontal noise, there is a mix between horizontal and diagonal interference bars.


      However, when I was almost calling to Samsung support, I connected the screen to another laptop which has nVidia graphics and the noise completely dissapeared. To be sure, I connected back the LCD to the laptop with Intel Graphics and also to the DG945GCLF2 again, and the blinking is still there.


      Now I'm confused. I don't know if there is a general failure on intel onboard graphics which makes them unable to perform well with 23' screens, or, if maybe my Samsung LCD has a problem that, for some strange reason, only shows up when it's connected to intel graphic boards.


      In all this tests the LCD was plugged in the same 220V wall socket, and needles to say, all computers are using last drivers and has their BIOS up to date.


      Have you ever heard about problem like this?