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    how to update or flah bios on Laptop



      I recently changed the hard drive on my Sony Vaio VGN-A790. While doing so, I noticed the vent had a good amount of lint/dust on it. I removed it, (being careful not to drop any on the board) the fan looked pretty clean(I changed it out about 7 months ago) after the original one went bad. I am not a tech of any kind. I just did it myself due to lack of funds. Big mistake as I shocked the mother board, and ended up taking it, to someone that builds motherboards. He repaired it, with no problems since. After I removed the lint, 2 days later the fan starting to be louder than normal, it runs on start up. I talked to the person that repaired the board originally, & he said he didn't want to do anything until the computer begins to have issues starting up. Until then he recommends flashing the bios. After I changed my hard drive out, I updated from XP home to XP pro. I do know that the bios shows me having the brand American Megatrends, the date is 3/14/05, I find these different codes listed. R0080F2, RK080F2, 28197630-3102970. I am hoping by either updating or flashing the bios that my fan will either be more quite if such a thing is possible or and only come on when it should. I'm unsure as to which update to use, if someone could point me in the right direction, that would be great. Maybe I need to change a setting in the bios to control the temperature on the computer, if so I don't know how to access this area of the bios, or what the temp should be? Also, I was told that I should have added thermal compound between the CPU & the fan when I originally changed it, but I didn't and I'm unsure if the person repairing the board did that or not? If not, then could it be that the CPU is running hot from not having it applied causing the fan to turn on? The person that fixed the board the first time, said "doubtful" to this being the problem. I do want to fallow his instructions on flashing the bios if this will solve the fan issues. Thank you for any help. Stacey