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    DG45FC - DDR2 1.6V Low voltage compatibility - Motherboards improvements




      I have a DG45FC Mini-ITX motherboard and I need to change the RAM.  I decided to buy 2x2GB Green Serie from Geil.
      They have the particularity to work with 1.6V instead of the 1.8V DDR2 standard voltage.
      I don't know yet if this low voltage is a dafault parameter in the RAM modules SPD or if it has to be adjusted manually in the bios.

      The problem is that there is no possibility to adjust the Ram voltage in the DG45FC Bios.


      So my question is, if the RAM SPD has as voltage parameter 1.6V DDR2-800 default, will the DG45FC be able to deliver 1.6V to the RAM or is the electronic of the motherboard limited to 1.8V?




      I have also some improvement suggestions about the Intel Mini-ITX motherboard:

      - Most of them (DG45FC, DH57JG,...) have only 4 internal SATA connectors and 1 external eSata. But the chipset support 6 of them.
      It would be a good thing to place a fifth internal connector on the motherboard, I don't think that it would really cost very much, and it isn't a space problem because other manufacturers like Gigabyte or Zotac have 6 internal SATA on their Mini-ITX motherboards.
      Users like me that use such motherboards for home server would be glad.


      - As said before, I use that motherboard with Windows Home Server, which is based on Windows Server 2003 (WHS v2 "Vail" will be based on Windows Server 2008 R2).
      I can understand that there isn't an official driver/software support for those OS (although most Xp and Vista/7 are compatible with Windows Server 2003/2008 except the "Intel Management Engine Interface" driver).
      But it would be nice if the "Intel® Desktop Utilities" would support those OS (Windows Server 2003/2008), because there is no possibility yet to check the chipset/motherboard temperature.


      Thank you!